Deploy NFS storage, Zookeeper and Solr

  1. Install the gcloud SDK and kubectl on your laptop. Do an OAuth based login for your gcloud CLI.
  2. Setup kubectl config using your project ID:

    $ gcloud container clusters get-credentials my-search-stack --zone us-central1-a --project <project-id>
  3. Create a Persistent Disk:

    $ gcloud compute disks create solr-pd --zone us-central1-a --size=200GB
  4. Check all nodes are ready:

    $ kubectl get nodes
    $ git clone
    $ cd searchstack
    $ kubectl apply -f rook-nfs-gcloud.yml
    $ kubectl apply -f zk.yml -f solr.yml
  5. Wait until all the pods are Running:

    $ kubectl get pods --all-namespaces
  6. If you see all your pods running, congratulations! You can check your Solr admin UI using a proxy:

    $kubectl port-forward pod/solr-0 8983:8983
  7. Open http://localhost:8983/solr on your browser.