Quickstart on Google Cloud Platform

  1. Assuming you have an active Google Cloud Platform account, the first step is to create a project (or use an existing project).
  2. Next, go to the Kubernetes Cluster tab in the console and hit the Create Cluster button. gcp-001-kubernetes-cluster.png
  3. Use a “Standard cluster” and edit the following:
    Name: my-search-stack
    Master version: 1.13.6-gke-5
  4. Scrolling down further, edit the node pools to choose desired memory and vCPU settings.
    Note: This is usually based on how resource intensive your application is going to be. Having at least 3 nodes, with at least 4 vCPUs and 16GB each should suffice for most medium to large scale applications. If you want to leverage autoscaling, choose the number of nodes you wish to autoscale up to (at peak resource utilization).
  5. Choose container image as Ubuntu. gcp-004-save Note: You can choose to add Local SSD disks. For this quickstart, we’ll use a Standard Persistent Disk and you can skip this for now (have it at 0).
  6. Save the node pools and hit Create button to bootstrap this cluster.